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Illustration Friday-- Jugglers

Illustration Friday-- Jugglers

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Well, this took a little while, but I had fun making it. Part of the issue was that I was competing with the kids for computer time, and we had lots of other things going on.
You can probably recognize most of the planets here. If you're wondering about the once dancing far right, those would be the dwarf planets Pluto, Eris, and Sedna.

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  • (no subject) - steve_savicki
  • Very cool! I love the planets! (And the child)
  • Gorgeous!
  • (no subject) - ex_laurasal
    • Glad you enjoyed it! The file is huge, so it took awhile, but once I got the idea in my head, I knew I had to do it.
  • Oh, fun! There is such a lively feel to all your work and it really draws me in. I'd love to see this much bigger. :)
    • Thanks, Lorraine! I think you can click on this three times to see it at the res I actually did it(it's about 10"x10"). If you look up to the right of Neptune and the dwarf planets, you can see a few of the faces in the big tent crowd that surrounds the juggler(s).
  • (no subject) - curlymarie
  • random commenter

    wow, that is lovely! Kudos.
  • It's exquisite, Liz.

    I'm in awe.
    • I'm glad you liked it!
      Dan kept walking into the room while I was working on it, then shaking his head and walking back out. I was afraid this was going to be one of those you-think-it's-a-cool-concept-but-no-one-else-does pictures.(I have a lot)
      I did find the idea compelling, and continued anyhow.
      So I'm glad you approve!
  • I love the light and movement in your work, Liz. Very nice.
  • Poor Pluto -- downsized to dwarf planet.

    WONDERful picture, Liz. Truly, truly magnificent!
    • Thanks, Kelly! I couldn't bring myself to leave old Pluto out. He's part of my solar system, and he' s still out there, even if he's a shrimp.
      And what about Sedna? And Eris? And all those other storytellers presiding over the void? I could have added more, but.
      I ran out of juggling arc.
      Glad you liked it!
  • YOU are sooooooo clever!!!

    I love it.
  • Oooooooh, LOVE this!!!
  • Very cool! You are so talented :D
  • WOWOWOWOWOW~~~This is utterly, amazingly, fantasitically brilliant, Liz!!
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
  • This is beautiful!
    Very original.
    I still can't figure out how artists make art. I wonder if I'd get it if I watched for a couple hours.
    • You might-- but you might want to watch a variety of people work. We each come to the task in out own way. I watch people who start with a perfectly proportioned pencil outline, and think-- wow. I will never be able to do that. I start with sketch, and then add color, and then push the lines around until they are where they belong. But I always start with color(if I'm working color). So you'd have your own methods.
      The best thing of all is to play and experiment-- you'll find your own path!
  • Wow! Your art - I love!
  • I want this one!!!!! It's terrific!
  • Wow! This is fantastic Liz! I love the idea of the sun as a juggler and the detail is wonderful. Glad you ignored Dan, , you knew what you were doing with this one. The figures for each planet are perfect. I love the face of Jupiter.

    I'm glad to see that you have included poor 'I'm a planet, no I'm not' Pluto. He will always be a planet to me, but what happened to his 3 moons, Charon, Nix and Hydra?
    • Oh! I didn't know he had the other two! Charon is sitting on his shoulders, as is Eris's moon, Dysmumblemumble(forget the name) I don't think Sedna has any, so her shoulders are free.
      Ah well. Like I said to Kelly, I'm also missing Ceres, and a few others, but I ran out of juggling arc!
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