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Illustration Friday-- Open

Illustration Friday-- Open

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I believe the process of creating opens doors to other worlds inside us, regardless of our medium of expression.

I usually have dim images of what might be on the other side of a particular door as I begin work-- but then when I'm halfway through, I find myself somewhere completely unexpected.

The logical part of me wonders how it's possible to be surprised by something that I set out so deliberately to create-- shouldn't I know all the little back streets and cafes by heart before I begin?

But I don't. Ever.
One of the chief reasons I write stories is to find out how they end-- to learn all the little wrinkles and switchbacks that I don't know about when I imagine them first.

How about you?

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  • (no subject) - saputnam
    • I wonder which number that one is in the fairytale taxonomy? I find it so intriguing that fairytale concepts are are countable, and so consistent across cultures...
      • Yes! That's what I love about them. Cinderella for example was originally a Chinese tale but what I find mind boggling is that the same tale can be found in Native American cultures, and the story was around long before the white man ever appeared on this continent...which supports the land bridge theory. :)
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