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Illustration Friday-- Scale

Illustration Friday-- Scale

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Where's the Styx?
I got my gold coins right here.

Golden gates, anyone?
St. Pete?
That thing way off in the distance looks more like a golden boat than a gate--
and anyway, it looks like I can't get there from here.

Could I possibly be in the wrong department?

(Don't worry about him too much. He got through the worst of the journey already-- and those scales look pretty even to me)

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  • (no subject) - steve_savicki
  • Hey Liz,

    I was looking at your site on cafe press. I'm searching around for a unique present for my daughter for her birthday. I know she would LOVE the Storyteller. (she's a writer of many stories herself). Is it possible to get that on a T-shirt? Or how does it work?

    sorry to put this here, I don't have your email. Can you email me at linsalz at gmail dot com if you have a chance?

  • Oh, wow. That is gorgeous. I don't know enough about art (read: anything) to be able to pin down what it is that I love, but something in this creates the perfect atmosphere. It just feels real to me. I don't know why or how, but I do know that I love it.
    • I'm glad you liked it! This is one where I felt like I did not adequately translate the image from what I had in my head...
      But I couldn't resist the concept!
  • Some of the imagery reminds me of my Thoth tarot deck. Very nice, and really interesting.
    • Cool!
      Thoth is the guy on the right here, keeping records of who passes and who fails... Anubis and Osiris are to his left.
      That's a very appropriate deck for a writer, I'd say! I'd love to see the pictures!
      • If you google Thoth tarot, you can find a variety of sites with the pictures. At this one, you can click through to see all the cards (but not all their meanings are correctly indicated, because they have people submit their own interpretations).
  • (Anonymous)
    This is very cool Liz. So dark and mysterious! Love the glowing eyes.
  • oh I love the expression on his face! Great take on the theme! :)
  • VERY cool! I love Ancient Egypt.
  • (Anonymous)
    gasp, how spooky... really tells you a story. great take, liz!

  • Gorgeous, again!

    I love how your illustrations depict -- are -- a story. And in this one, I especially love how you played with light.
    • Re: Gorgeous, again!

      Thanks!! I kept trying to see the hall of two truths as grander, with lapis and gold on the walls, like the doors that guard the entrance to the underworld, AKA the Umbra. But as I read, I realized it really wouldn't be.

      And umbra sounds like umber, reminds me of a dream I had once of walking in a dark space with cool dry air and hieroglyphs incised into the walls-- walls so tall I could barely reach the top edge of the first row of stones, disappearing into darkness over my head. The floor was dark brown dust, rather than sand, soft and cool on my bare feet.
      I had this sense of a vast labyrinth, receding into the gloom around me.

      Cool dream.
      This bears no resemblance, unfortunately, but I did what I could.
  • Oh, very nice! Good and eerie.
  • (no subject) - catherinestine
  • Kathleen Rietz

    This is such an interesting ande cool illustration Liz! I love the details!
  • (no subject) - ex_laurasal
  • AscenderRisesAbove

    fascinating image again... a little on the nightmarish side; you are so versatile.

  • I love the glowing scales and the two Egyptian figures. The expression on his face. is terrific!
  • Love!

    Make peace, not war!
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