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Illustration Friday-- Late

Illustration Friday-- Late

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I'm a bit late in posting this Fishobirdous-- and I can't remember anymore who asked for it. But here it is, for what it's worth.

Fish and bird are thinking the same thing-- I've got you JUST where I want you! Too late for you! Hahahahahahaa!

Edited to add:
This print now available(in various forms) on my cafepress shop

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  • Fishobirdous

    Lovely drawing.
  • This is just gorgeous! I can't tell you how much I love your art. Would you consider making this as a card? This would be so much fun to send to people... I do know you do some of your art as cards, but I can understand that it's not worth it--and probably not desirable, anyway--to do it for everything.
    • Thanks!! I did add it-- been meaning to get over there and add some prints to the shop(and I still need to add Marble dude), but you can check it out if you like:

      It's pretty easy to add these designs on cafepress, though I don't use them to make larger prints, because I can do it better(and more cheaply!) locally...
      • Thank you! I've ordered some postcards--and also another of your pretty designs, as postcards.

        I love what digitization makes possible. Through iPhoto, I was able to turn some of my photos into cards to give people.
        • Aww! Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!

          And yes--- digitization is a wonderful thing. I've tried to assemble cards from locally available sources, and it was frustrating. The cardstock was easy, and I could use Kinko's to print it out(at least on days when the guy behind the counter wasn't the one who thought "cardstock" meant "thin cheapo copy paper"). But finding envelopes in the right sizes was a nightmare, and I was reluctant to make handmade envelopes because it was too time consuming, boring, and didn't look finished enough for me. And then, the store I was selling them in wanted everything wrapped in plastic sleeves... off to the races for the right size baggies.
          All of which is to say-- I love my cafepress!
  • (no subject) - newport2newport
  • You are such an amazing talent. You sickin' me! Blech!

    Did you choose the figure eight instead of a circle on purpose or for a reason? Just curious.
    • Thanks!
      *hands you puke bucket*
      Uhmmmm.... sort of on purpose?
      I know the circle is just as symbolic of eternity as the figure eight, but I think the idea of two things locked in eternal struggle just played out better in two loops. Ourobouros is *one* snake, so the circle makes more sense.
      Topologically speaking, they're identical, of course.
  • (Anonymous)
    Wow... this is cool!
    So intricately drawn. Wonderful Liz.

  • Newport2newport beat me to it, mentioning the Escheresque quality. This is fabulous!
    • Thanks!! I'm flattered, again-- I *love* Escher. Could pore over any one of his images happily for hours.
  • Very nice!
  • Very cool!!! I have an orouborous ring in Revealers that does nasty stuff--I'm sure I didn't spell it right, I never did when I was writing Revealers.
  • That is just too cool.
  • Very cool pic! :)
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
  • Ohhh, I love the Celtic quality! Veeeeery Niiiiice! :)
  • Amazing as always, Liz! I love the detail in the pen and ink sketch and can see where newport2newport came up with Escher.
  • Wow Liz! Amazing and imaginative!!! Beautifully rendered in both formats too :)
    • Thanks, Val! I just recently started scanning inked pieces... and they're a lot of fun to play with in photoshop!
  • (Anonymous)
    Wow, what a fantastical fantasy piece! Really great Liz!


    • Thanks, Laurel! I'm having fun playing with the sketch scans. Probably should have started a long time ago....
  • Wowsa!

    I like the detail on the fish scales!
    • Re: Wowsa!

      Thanks!! It's not so different from crosshatching-- easier than it looks. Doodling these things settles my mind at the end of the day...
  • Thanks for posting a link to your cafepress shop! Saturday afternoon I got my lovely Liz Jones magnets in the mail. It makes me smile when I go to the fridge and see two pieces of your beautiful art! Thanks!
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