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Illustration Friday-- Celebration/Instinct

Illustration Friday-- Celebration/Instinct

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I guess it's a bit of a stretch, combining these two topics...

But I think you could say that this lizard has an instinct for celebration.

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  • Excellent!

    I love it. I particularly like the lizard -- I'm probably just projecting again, but I could swear I see a little smirk in his expression!


  • It's a fantastic *picture*--I just love it.
  • Beautiful art! You're very talented!
    • Thanks! This was a weird one... never know what's going to pop up when I start one of these drawings!
  • Massive love for that image.
  • That made me smile. I like it.
  • I don't know....I think it works. It's absolutely luminous. I'm going to have to think about the imagery. It looks like stained glass. It looks religious. And the lizard is not at all what I'd think of as any kind of religious figure, so.... what's it doing? Celebrating? There's another word, that I can't think of....

    I do indeed like this. A lot!
    • Glad it works! I have absolutely no idea what it is, either. The stained glass began as me playing with a way-too-freely drawn celtic knot, which is all crooked as a result...
      I had fun making it, whatever it is!
  • Oh yes! Love it!
  • Hi Liz,
    The stained glass is definitely Celtic and spiritual - the lizard is a reptile, with connotations of "cold-blooded". What I think is interesting is that the lizard is clinging to the underside of the glass!
    • Yeah--No idea what the story is on this one! These images seem to pop out of the paper at me-- and they rarely tell me the story, so I can only guess...
      • But this is one of the way-cool things about playing around with images--things just come out. I love how you say that "they rarely tell me the story." I'm still smiling about that.....

        I always feel like my pictures have stories in them, but I also don't know the stories until after I've made the picture.
  • Very cool!
  • Very cool, Liz! When I first glanced at it I thought ... humm ... a lizard playing with a kaleidoscope ... bet there is a story there!

    Love the kaleidoscope/stained glass colors!
  • Really Amazing!!!
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