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Illustration Friday-- Impatience/caution

Illustration Friday-- Impatience/caution

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I started this drawing back when the word of the week was Impatience. I've been waiting on a number of important things, and my first thought was to draw a clock... and then that idea spread to the concept of time more generally.

Time is such a frustrating thing. It speeds up when we want it most, and hangs around when all we can do is count the ticks. It comes in signatures, seasons and sunsets, all of which are present in the clock face above.

Yes, it really is a clock face-- but I made it every bit as twisty as time feels to me this month. I decided to pick out the numbers in the colors that constitute my synaesthetic worldview. I'd never drawn them in their "correct" colors before, and it was fun. They're actually a bit more saturated in my mind's eye. I was afraid they'd blend together if I made them darker!

You'd have to use plenty of caution if this were a real clock; it would make you dizzy, so forget about using it on the dashboard of your car.

Still, you could do it. Dan thought it might be fun to build and program a real model. We might have to give that a shot-- with chips and lucite and LEDs.

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