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Apropos of nothing

Apropos of nothing

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Did this on the plane to Texas back in June-- sort of thinking about the way that it feels to carve through the different layers of atmosphere, then to see the ocean-like expanse of the tops of the clouds, cloud-landforms sticking up beyond foamy flat cloud-shorelines... the eternal distance of things.

Thanks for the nudge, Jayme!

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  • Yippee!

    Hurrah! Looking forward to the exchange! It took a long time for my Paint By Number to arrive so I extended the deadline: Deadline to sign up: December 1, 2010. Deadline to mail out March 31st, 2011. Hope that works for you as well? Jacque
    • Re: Yippee!

      That sounds like a great idea-- I could have a lot of fun with it between now and March!
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