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Illustration Friday--Carry

Illustration Friday--Carry

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So, you know I've been doing these shoes.
I had an interesting request--a pair of mustache shoes. Ah... a challenge!
This is the result-- pictures of mustaches carrying on in many ways:


Here we have papa and daughter mustaches flying a mustache kite while mustaches in the grass sneak up on them, next to a mustache picnic, next to a mustache family portrait.

On the other side I went more for the movies, with mustache vultures zooming in on a carcass next to a mustachioed gunslinger, next to Mustache Tarzan swinging thru the trees.

On this one, things look a bit more peaceful-- a mustache is riding his bike, mustaches are smiling for no reason in particular, while birdie mustaches fly into a mustachioed sunset.


Next we have a flock of mustaches descending on a kid's ponytails so they can ask if her hair would like to join their group (doesn't look like she minds)... a mustache walking her dog under the mustache tree, and a couple of groovy mustache dudes rockin out(or something).


I always like to leave something for the wearer on the shoes tongues, and this one was too fun to resist.

I'm probably done with these for now, as my supplier dried up, and what's currently available online or anywhere else is about 3 times the cost... ugh. But I'll most likely be doing them again when the stores decide it's the "right season" for plain canvas shoes again!

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