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Illustration Friday - Safe

Illustration Friday - Safe

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It's good to have a friend with you when you're going someplace new!
Don't worry, teddy.I'm sure you'll like kindergarten.

Illustration Friday-- Safe

Illustration Friday-- Safe

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  • (Anonymous)
    That's cute :)
  • Aww...he looks like *my* kindergartener. :)
  • Safe

    Safe for sure. I wonder if the bear feels the same. Lovely illustration, Liz.
  • cute Liz!
  • Safe Illustration

    Hi Liz! Really beautiful and lots of warm feeling! John York
  • Sooo sweet...

    so sweet and makes me smile! What medium do you use to paint?
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my illo...I love your
    work! i will be back
    • Re: Sooo sweet...

      Thanks! It's all digital--I start in a program called Ink Art (a lot like Art rage), and then move it into photoshop to clean it up. Glad you liked it!
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
  • (Anonymous)
    Liz, this is just way too cute! I love it:> I keep forgetting what a big deal it is for little ones to go off to school ( My son just graduated college, so I'm just glad he's finished;) - for them and their parents! I love the cloud where he's imagining the teddy bear at school. It's precious!

  • murphy girl

    oh the trauma of going to school; thankfully, there's a friend nearby!
  • Awwww, that is absolutely adorable! Nice work! :)
  • Safe

    I like this drawing - particularly as one of my friend's sons is just about to go to school - he said to his mother the other day "Mummy, I'm looking forward to going to school, it's just the first bit when I won't be sure what to do which is scary..." What a clever kid...we all feel like that when we start at a new place!

    Tiger Mouse
  • AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that's sweetness itself!
  • (Anonymous)
    I love your artwork. Just beautiful and so expressive. We were just talking at work the other day about our security blankets and toys we had when we were little. One woman said she still has hers and her mother used to tell her she'd probably carry it down the aisle with her when she get married!
    • Awww. Like Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas, who tells Lucy that when he grows up, he'll have his blankie made into a sportcoat. I like that idea! And yourfriend could have carried it after all-- something old!
  • Cute!

    Reminds me a little of Calvin having Hobbes. Nice idea. :-)
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