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Blue Take two

Blue Take two

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Well, I had a bit of time between things this afternoon, and so I re-did the Neptune in North-wind guise-- feels more fitting, somehow. It will be down in the teens here all week-- time to bundle up and hit the cookies!

North Wind

North Wind

  • (Anonymous)
    Love the colors and the swirly effect.
  • awesome "blue"..... he's singing the blues right outside my window right now!
    • Thanks, Kevin! I liked your blue girl, too! Think I'veseen her somewhere before! How's your never-before-seen Santa coming along?
      • Yeah, I cheezed-out on IlloFriday cuz this week has been an absolute madhouse!..... It doesn't look much better down the road!

        "Santa's" still locked in the file cabinet inside my head...I wouldn't be surprised if I pulled "joe-student" and did an all-nighter the night before it's due!!

        Are you doing one?
        • Holiday madness, eh? I know how that goes-- hence, the self-imposed time limit on the creation of IF pieces! I don't know what I'm doing for the Santa thing... I want to do one, but I haven't settled on an angle yet. It's a fun idea!
          • Well, share when you do it...I will as well...and your blue lion is very cool! I didn't read the post (holiday madness) but the pic is very cool!

            Oh yeah, I wrote a poem for this Santa thing... so, I gotta "DO IT!"
            • Good,good! Gladto hear it! I'm not sure which post holiday madness is...I think it's just a december state of mind. I hope to do a Santa too!
  • Cool- Both pieces create such a neat feeling of movement/rushing...
  • This looks like the cloud over my house today~~~ brrrrrrrrrrrr.
    • I hear ya. We just got back from a walking tour of churches in a town near where my parents live-- my feet are frozen, but I'm feeling all Christmas-y! I had my bowl of Lutheran soup (homemade beef vegetable that I covet all the rest of the year), many cookies, many cups of hot chocolate, Christmas carols,a visit with both Clauses and some trains, and a "pilgrimage" in which people farbraver and chillier than myself re-enact various parts of the Christmas story. As we head down the path, the guide whispers to my 4 year old son-- hey-- there are sheep and donkeys out there! (And Eli's thinking, So? I have sheep and donkeys at home... and chickens and geese and guineas, and...)

      He liked it anyway. Especially the Santa and cookies part. All three kids were out cold within five minutes of getting back in the car. We had fun!
      • sounds like fun! you have a farm? cool, and lots of work!!
        • Oh, yeah fun, but definitely work... Hauling hay in sub-zero-- my favorite! At least we don't have to haul water, since the creek is running!
  • Beautiful, Liz! I like it better than the Friday one...glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday beginnings...I saw P&P again today, and that put me in a good, benevolent mood. Enough so that when I returned home and found very tired children (as my husband has a hard time getting them to nap), I was able to be a bit more patient than usual...my son even went to bed without arguing, and we had some nice moments, mother and son :)

    That makes it a good day!

  • I only know you from lurking on Cynthia Lord's "friends" list, but I had to comment on your illustration. This is georgeous! The colors and movement is very effective. It is much improved over the previous version.

    Valarie Giogas
    • Thank you, thank you! I suspect the biggest difference is that in the first illustration, I was playing to see what would come out, and in the second, I was approaching it with a clear idea of what I was after. IF is very much a playful and experimental task. The intention is to get you out of your usual point of view and trying something different. Of course,once you've done that, you can do with it as you wish!
      Thanks for stopping by!
  • Love your North Wind!!!!!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    Oh man! You have GOT to use this for a children's book somewhere down the road. I really like this. Lots' of motion--emotion--EXCELLENT!! ( another fine Jones hit!)
    • Thanx! Now I need to come up with a story to accompany it! I was actually thinking the same thing. Which came first, the picture or the story? Hmm... It'samazing how much cross-fertilization there is in this field!
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