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Illustration Friday-- Communication

Illustration Friday-- Communication

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Here's my owl for the Keene College Parliament of Owls-- I thought it was quite appropriate for today's Illustration Friday topic.
My kids kept peeking over my shoulder and asking me about the story here as I was painting.

"Go write the story," I tell them.

What do you think is going on here?

I've posted a low-quality version of this image, since I made it for the festival. I'll be sending them the high quality giclee version... as soon as I find a local printer that does giclee prints!

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  • So pretty! It has a nice "feeling" to it.
  • Very cool!

  • Hoot!

    Gorgeous!!! Has a fantastical, epic-story look. I want to know who the soldier mice and the hiding mice are, what the owl's necklace means. And the other mouse holding a scroll, what's up with him?

    Think this is a perfect addition to the Parliament of Owls. :-)
  • I'm glad to see you -- I've been missing you the last few days. I hope things are getting sorted out for you.

    The imagery is great here -- I'm a bit afraid of the mice that are backlit at the right!
    • Thanks!! I think those are the friends of the foreground mice, just kind of listening in!

      Things here are moving along.. we got the motor for the pellet stove installed, and we haven't lost any more sheep *fingers crossed*.
      One of my spinning friends sold her flock because the coyotes have become such a huge problem. I'm not at that point yet... but there's only so much death and misery a person can stand. *sigh*

      Hoping to catch up here soon! I've missed you too!
  • Amazing

    This is such an amazing piece!! I really love your work.
  • Ooo!!!! Is this part of a series? Is it with a story? I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
    • :D
      Actually, it's a one of a kind, and I don't really know what the story is! I have a definite sense tht there is one, though. Glad you like it!
  • It's beautiful!!!

    It's begging to be the cover of a book.

  • Loving this one!
  • Very, very good. It could be part of an illustrated fairy tale, easily!
  • Wow, Liz- It's gorgeous! Love the body language of the mice, esp!
    • Thanks-- I had fun with that. You have to love a creature with the possibility of an expressive tail...
  • OMG! I love love love this! But you already know I'm a huge fan of yours, don't you? :)
  • Communication

    This is really great. . .your best piece yet! Love the guys in the background!
    • Re: Communication

      Thanks!!! I had a lot of fun with this one. And esp all those mice piled on top of each other, trying to get in on the news!
  • This is amazing!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    Good job Liz! What is the story indeed - makes you want to stare at it for a long time to figure it out.
    dulemba.com (http://dulemba.com)
  • Great representation -- reminds me of the owl in LINNETS AND VALERIANS :)
  • if comment

    ill tell y awhats going on here either that owl is sleping with his eyes open or hes getting ready for supper. love the colors in this u can tell u took more time on this one lol and it was sure woth it i bet.: michael dailey
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
  • I love this one so much wisdom.....
    • Thanks! I guess being able to fly confers a broader perspective... and he certainly looks like a thoughtful guy!
  • (Anonymous)
    Very mysterious. Goodness, you certainly have no shortage of comments--what a popular girl you are! --Connie
    • Thanks, Connie! (half of them are my responses, so there aren't quite as many as it looks at first!!:D)
  • I'm in awe. Truly.
    Kind of a "Nymhesque" feel to it.
    So, are YOU going to write the story too?
    • You know, I might have to do that at some point! Right now, my kids are having fun with it, though...
  • (no subject) - ex_whimsybo
  • (Anonymous)
    Wonderful job Liz! The lighting is magical!
    ~studio lolo~
  • from Ginger *:)

    Liz this is your most amazing piece of work yet! The colors, the subject, the compoistion.....
    Absolutely STUNNING!!!
    • Re: from Ginger *:)

      Thanks, Ginger!! I thought this was such a great project... I'd love to see the rest of the owls someday!
  • Communication/Owl

    Most beautiful! Amazing and full of mystery!
  • (Anonymous)
    Gosh Liz, this is my favourite for tht theme and of your artwork too! The colours in the owls face alone are simply sublime not to mention the glow in the tree and the mice in their costumes! You really brought them to life and I would like to climb into this picture and be part of the festivities! Very, Very Special! ~valgalart
    • Thanks, Val!!
      I love it when I can take some time with a piece insteaad of cranking it out on a friday morning-- and this was such a fun project! I love the idea of a parliament of owls, in any case. I'm hoping to get up there and see all of them at some point!
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