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Illustration Friday - Hide

Illustration Friday - Hide

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This is a fragment of an enormous doodle that I did over a couple of years in college. I think you could say that the whole image was where I got the bulk of my drawing experience fixing lines gone wrong, crosshatching, stippling. It was great practice.

I also had a good time with injecting tiny vignettes and images into the corners, here and there. If you look at the whole picture, it doesn't make any sense. If you look at a fragment of it in black and white(and you weren't me-- I know where everything is hidden), it still probably wouldn't make much sense.

I thought that the megadoodle(as I call it) would make a really fun coloring page, and am planning to add it to my site when it goes live (soon!!!:D).

So I scanned it and cleaned it up, and I tried coloring this small segment of it. I was surprised how easily the images popped into view once I added colors. I think I may need to get back to linework at some point here! For me, pen and ink is where I get the most enjoyment with traditional materials.

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  • (no subject) - newport2newport
    • :D
      Actually, this wasn't even in class. This was the after-hours doodle(which is why it took so long). It got a *whole* sheet of paper, and not a margin. I would sit with pen in hand while chatting with friends and whatever. Eventually, I finished the whole thing, and even did a few more(though this one was the most fun).
    • (no subject) - steve_savicki
      • I suppose it could be that! I was thinking whirlpool, stirred up by the bird with its beak at the center. Do you see the face there? The center of the swirl is the eye, and there's a nose down and to the left...
        • Wow, I actually saw the eye/nose before I saw the bird. :)

          I like this doodle very much.
          • Thanks! Glad you liked it. I'm having fun coloring it in and finding all these things again! (Someday I'll post the whole thing-- probbly when I get my site up!)
  • Wow that' s really cool!
  • Doodle

    Hey, no fair!
    My doodles all look like...


    That's why you're the artist and I'm the writer, I suppose;)
    • Re: Doodle

      Well, this was the afterhours doodle, so I suppose I had more positive energy to devote to it. Most of my "whoops-I'm s'posed to be writing notes" doodles are pretty lame.
  • (no subject) - annecy_dit
  • Super cool!
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
  • if comment

    ur right the colors do make it pop, nice doodle. maybe some way u could show the whole doodle ? michael dailey
    • Re: if comment

      Thanks, Michael! I will definitely show the whole doodle when I get my site up-- it'll be available to color on the kids page! I love doodling...
  • Michelle Lana

    very cool! i love it.
  • (Anonymous)
    this is awesome! I generally like doodles (especially the ones the cover whole pages) but this is really special. And it works great with the colours. I really hope to see the megadoodle, too.
    • (Anonymous)
      sorry, the one above was me, tusen (www.ciii.blogspot.com)
      • Thanks! I may just post the megadoodle as a separate entry... if nothing else, it'll be available as a coloring page when my site goes live!
  • Very neat, Liz! Love it! :)
  • coolness

    Would love to see that whole doodle!! Really rich.
  • (Anonymous)
    Beautiful Liz! I could get lost in this forever!

    ~studio lolo~
  • Love it!

    How Great! I had a piece kinda like this from back in college, but not nearly as detailed. No idea what happened to it. But this is so cool! I really do like your work!
    • Re: Love it!

      Thanks!! I have a file of doodles from college... I think I saved more doodles than notes, in truth. Apparently my hands had a better idea of what I should be working on than my head...
  • This is so beautiful, complex, and fun! What a treat for the eyes. As someone who lived with an artist all through college and experienced all the drawing and weaving and painting and jewelry-making, I'm thrilled to see your work.

    I came here through a post by Logan (hummingalong and would like to add you to my friends, if that's okay. : )
    • Thanks!! Glad you like it-- friending you back!
      • Thanks! I'm a writer too, so this may be great fun. : )
        • Glad to hear that-- most of the people on my f-list are kids writers, so you might want to read through the entries and see if there's anyone else you'd like to add!
  • (Anonymous)
    Beautiful and the detail is amazing. I love all the spirals and vines, with circles intertwining, and I see part of a face and one eye. Endless entertainment, and makes me wonder what the rest could look like. Color as well is just great!

    • Thanks! I had lot of fun doing this one. I will post the rest when my site goes live. This is actually blown up quite a bit-- the original fit on a 9x12 ish sheet of paper, and this is maybe a 6th of it.
  • Wow Liz , the detail on this amazing! What a great college doodle. Yup, your hand knew what it wanted your brain to do. :D Isn't that always the case , lol

    When I first looked at it, it reminded me of some of M C Escher's earlier pieces. Are you planning to color in the whole thing? I don't know as I would...I love the contrast between the color and the pen and ink.
    • Thanks, Sharon! You can see the un-colored version in the next two-- I wound up posting the whole thing this week! It's fun to color, though I hadn't planned it originally.
  • AscenderRisesAbove

    I really love the idea of this; a fun illustration. Also, above, the girl with birds in her hair... we should all have birds flying free in our hair!

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