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Black tees!

Black tees!

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I was just going to put this on a poster.
And I did, but... well, they have black tees now at cafepress, and I just thought this was way cool.

Here's the link.
Like an idiot, I accidentally renamed everything in the shop after this image and had to do a little more extensive renovation than I'd originally intended, so look around if you like-- lots of stuff has changed!

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  • have you printed on a black tee with them yet?
    I had a flower printed (light colors-yellows) and it came really washed out looking.

    You might want to order one first to make sure you like it.

    cute image!
    • I know just what you mean-- with the yellows and pinks, particularly. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I haven't meen satisfied with much of anything in those colors. It just bleeds through too much.
      BTW, I think I'm getting a coffee mug of your blue flower! It occurred to me that I would only wear the tee when it was warm(and it isn't) but if I got a mug, I could enjoy it every day! Now I just have to get my credit card to the computer room...
      • Well thank you!

        I wish I understood why the black didn't print right. I think they need an under-print of white maybe.
        If you figure it out... let me know! I like black tees!
        • Yeah-- The thing I worry about with this print is the little white edge on the left side. I don't know if it's an artifact of the sample here, or if it's real. I think I may try setting the printing to plain old transfer prints instead of direct prints. That way (maybe) you (might possibly) get a flat, rectanglar painted image, instead of this patchy, guess which color I wanted stuff...
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