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Illustration Friday - Green

Illustration Friday - Green

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This took awhile, between holidays and sicknesses and ball practices, but I couldn't let one of my favorite colors pass unpainted. If I look out the window, I see mud and sleet, and daffodils flattened by our recent snows. But I know dappled sun will filter through a green canopy soon, and birds will sing, and it will be warm, and everything will be alive again. Soon-- very soon. Site Meter
  • (Anonymous)
    I like your interpretation! Its very hopeful..
    and sends out good feelings.

  • Very soothing. Thanks!
  • (no subject) - thatgirlygirl
    • Thanks...
      I am seriously craving green.
      Ah, and warmth, too...
      *shivers and cranks electric blanket up a notch*
  • (Anonymous)
    Really sweet and beautiful! love it Liz!~valgalart
  • When I looked at this, I sighed contentedly.
    Thanks, I needed that!
  • (Anonymous)
    nice motion and colors, looks like spring is ready to wake up: michael dailey
  • I like to say dappled. Dappled. Dappled. Dappled.

    *patters off a short distance muttering the word dappled*

    Psssst. I was just bragging about your work to my hubby and...uhm...trying desperately to find the thing you sent to me to enlarge many moons ago. Sigh.

    *patters further mumbling something odd*
    • Oh, I love that word too! And dappled sunshine, and dappled horses(especially red roans) and cheesy apple dapper squares, and (OK< OK< Now I'm heading of the deep end, I know). So, um, yeah. Dapple all ya want !
      Trying to remember which one that was.... hmmmm. Was it the opposites one-- yellow person, blue person, flowers in the middle?
      I forget...
      • Uhm. Yeah. You're expecting my menopausal brain to describe this. Okay. Here we go. *pauses to look at the ceiling and try to sound a-third-of-the-way normal* How about two figures cross-legged with a ball of bright in the middle. The colors were brilliant as your colors usually are and I'm thinking...that they were predominantly blue. Maybe.

        *scuttles off to squint at recently wrinkled memory files*
  • This is beautiful. It says growth and freshness.
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
  • (Anonymous)
    This is an awesome painting, I really like the different values of green used!

  • Michelle Lana

    lovely work!
  • (Anonymous)
    Mmmmmm, dreamy illustration. I hope spring arrives in your parts soon! It's just wrong when daffodils are crushed by snow in April : /

    ~studio lolo~ (Laurel)
  • ah-h-h-h. She's quite magical!

    I once had friends like that, hidden among the trees of "the woods" I was allowed to play in. (well, they were woods enough for me anyway)
    • Oh, me too!! Our woods was only spared the bulldozer because there was a gas well at the bottom of the hill, and the lines went through at angles that made it difficult for the developer to put houses there. The woods was my whole world... and all the magic was there!
    • Hi Liz

      Lovely green you have here.
      Is so much I've not in If, but I'm tring to do something for green
      Yet I think I will be late :D

      CIao :D
      • Re: Hi Liz

        YAY!!! MANUELA!!!
        It's great to see you-- Can't wait to see what you come up with!!(mine was late too!)
    • Yes! Yes! Every kid should have woods, while they are young enough to know about the magic that lives there. Older eyes can't see it anymore.
      • Oh, I don't know... when we bought our farm, I remember following the last rays of sun through the trees off of our property to the south. It looked like a corridor to somewhere... not sure where. The thicket that had risen from an old clear cut at the edge of the line kept me from finding out. ..
  • Very nice! I can't wait to see green. We have more white stuff on the way...sigh.
    • I hear ya. Ugh.
      I love snow... in season.

      I am not willing to concede that April is part of that season-- not since we started the month in the 80's.

      Even though, when I think of April in the abstract, I think blizzard.
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