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Illustration Friday--Missing

Illustration Friday--Missing

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This is another little chunk of the picture book spread I've been working on(Discovery was another little chunk).
What's missing here?
Well, the frog and mouse who just had their wedding reception, and most of the guests, Since it's now morning.

Ms. Toad of Toad's Catering is sleeping peacefully by the punchbowl, ladle still in hand.
It was a good reception.

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  • So pretty!
  • Lovely! :-D
  • (no subject) - lizzy_lyn
    • Well, one holds a mouse sized hat for wearing on important occasions.
      Another holds a spider lace shawl, and a warm winter stole made of the rarest eiderdown.
      Another is fresh honey in a specially-made-for-weddings wax bottle produced by the queen's best.

      And the big pink box?
      A toaster.
  • Cool!
  • (Anonymous)
    i always like the colors in your works, it's dark but sweet (am i making any sense? :) ) nice work!

  • Oh, this is nice Liz! I love the spider-webby looking tablecloths and like the colors of the two tables setting off the darker background.
    • Thanks!! the kids in this story are following a line of spiderweb in the hopes of finding treasure at the end. But all around them, the denizens of the woods are using the spider silk in other ways!
  • (Anonymous)
    I wish i could have attended that reception! Deelightful!~valgalart
  • from Rose

    If I were in the illustration...probably all of the little presents would be missing! They look like so much fun! I'd want to open each and every one of them!
    • Re: from Rose

      Thanks, Rose! I know what you mean... though I think I'd be at the dessert table for most of the evening!
  • (Anonymous)
    This is great, Liz! I especially love the lace on the tables! Fun!

  • (Anonymous)
    I think Ms. Toad is punch drunk! Cute, cute, cute!

    ~studio lolo~
    • Thanks! Yeah-- I wasn';t sure if she'd been sampling the quality of the punch too much, or she was just worn out from the night's work. At least she had the foresight to keep a pillow in the corner!
  • well done

    I wish I had been there!!
  • if comment

    like the details in the tables and chair .michael dailey
  • Taking My Breath Away

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is a beautiful image. And don't get all modest with the Photoshop this and Photoshop that. From one technophobe to another I tell you that I happen to know that good visual skills are good visual skills regardless of medium, be it traditional or "virtual!!!"
    • Re: Taking My Breath Away

      Glad you liked it! The thing I love about photoshop is that it allows me to use the medium I've been using since just about I was born (pencil/pen/paper) in the form of a stylus, and achieve such a wide range of traditional media effects. Believe it or not, it was photoshop that convinced me that I could have a go at marketing my own art, because it made it possible to edit in great detail without starting from scratch every time.
      I heart this tool!
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