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Illustration Friday-- The Blues

Illustration Friday-- The Blues

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When I think of the blues, I think of people leaving, and people arriving. I think of country kids, coming up from the Delta to find a better life and leave poverty behind.

I see them finding hope, finding work, and finding that poverty had traveled north alongside them. And it didn't look like he was going to leave anytime soon. I see them missing home.

Some found expression for those feelings in music--changing their songs to fit the new urban world.

Life on the Delta glowed bright in memory, despite its hardships. Homesick James, among others, spent much of his time traveling between Chicago and Mississippi-- and that was great news for music lovers up and down the river.

Going north was a mixed bag for hopeful farm kids. But there's no doubt that it changed their lives profoundly. And the legacy of that experience is our beloved Blues.

There are many Chicago blues musicians in the picture above-- how many can you identify?

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