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Illustration Friday-- Backwards

Illustration Friday-- Backwards

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"Soon a vague sense of discomfort possessed me. With variations of relief, this gradually increased, as if some evil thing were wandering about in my neighbourhood, sometimes nearer and sometimes further off, but still approaching. The feeling continued and deepened until all my pleasure in the shows of various kinds that everywhere betokened the presence of the merry fairies vanished by degrees, and left me full of anxiety and fear, which I was unable to associate with any definite object whatever. At length the thought crossed my mind with horror:"Can it be possible that the Ash is looking for me? or that in his nightly wanderings, his path is gradually verging towards mine?"

from Phantastes, by George Macdonald (1858)

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  • Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I'm thinking of putting together a proposal to do some of George MacDonald's stories in graphic novel format-- I would really like for modern kids to "discover" him the way I did. (and if they like the graphic novel, maybe they'll go back and read the original?)
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