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Illustration Friday-- Soar

Illustration Friday-- Soar

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When we last left Lia, she was ripping the wall of the classroom. Now she's climbing out, and soon she'll be soaring into the bright sky. What do you think that rosy glow is coming from?

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  • Good luck with it, and Happy New Year!!!!! :)
    • Thanks!! Happy New Year, you too! What projects are you working on? (or just staying warm? I'm thinking that could be a project all by itself...)
      • Yep, staying warm is definitely one of them! LOL! We're in the middle of another storm over here.

        At the moment, I'm also working on a picture book--my first ever--and am in the last revisions of a chapter book. I'm also working on a chapter book/mg series with a friend--we're not sure which category it will fall into yet.

        Lots of stuff to keep me busy! :)

        My main focus for the new year will be trying to snag me an agent! *grin*

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