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Welcome Classical Comics to livejournal!

Welcome Classical Comics to livejournal!

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Remember in my last post where I described this book from our graphic novel nominees?

As of yesterday, they have a livejournal blog!



Edited to Add--

jfmac, who writes for Classical Comics
(AND is working on The Tempest right now-- squee!!!!)
has started a blog here today!!

Go check him out!

Need a few more reasons?
Try these upcoming titles....

Sooooo cool!

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  • Oh, I agree. I am sooo excited about these titles!
    I'm hoping they'll do the Tempest and Midsummer Night's dream one of these days (only because I love them both, and would love to see illustrated versions!)
    The images help so much with impenetrable texts...
    I wonder if Kant's Critique of Pure Reason could be worked into a graphic format somehow?
    And yes-- the props were awesome!
    Interesting that CC was the one that excited you most... I was betting it would be Jane Eyre!
    • But I don't LIKE Jane Eyre. I'm more of a Wuthering Heights gal, if I have to pick a Brontë book.
      • Aha! It must have been the Jane factor that was confusing me. I know I read both, but perhaps was too young to really relate to the characters (I was 10-11). The family history is what fascinated me with the Brontes. Read about them in my MSW program, many moons ago.
        • PS, when you mentioned WH, the image that immediately popped to mind was the semaphore version done by Monty Python's Flying Circus (Dan got me the boxed Flying Circus for Christmas!). It was hilarious!
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