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For those of you who asked

For those of you who asked

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After some pondering, I did add Gravity to my cafepress shop:

You'll see it's on tees and little stuff-- I'm doing posters from home now, so let me know (comment here or email) if you want a poster of this one!
  • What about your tiger one from last week? That one's my favorite.
    • Aha!! I'll get that up there, too! No copyright fair use to ponder on that one!
      • YAY!
        • It's in there!
          Thanks for asking!
          • So instead of ordering directly from cafepress, anything we want to order we email you to do so? Do I understand correctly?
            • Well-- only if you want a poster or flat art print-- something to hang on your wall(though I did add mini-prints in my show-- why not.).

              A few months back, I was trying to get some prints to someone who wanted them from my shop, and wasn't having much luck sizing them to her preferences-- cafepress isn't all that flexible in some areas.

              I found that I was able to get exactly what she wanted from local printers, and keep the end cost the same (but earn more than $1/print, which is what I earn from cafepress). That's not true of other things, like mugs or t-shirts-- they do a much more efficient job that I could hope to do.

              So I split that product off and do it myself. One benefit is that I can sign and date the prints if *I* do them, which makes for a nice finish.

              I also got a paypal account to make the ordering process easier.

              So let me know if you want a poster-- I'll get it mailed out to you within the week!
  • Another thing to buy when I get a steady job and money again! I can't seem to find the phenix mug lately ...
    • Aww. That happens in our house too. I saw your note about the job last night-- hope you pick something up again very soon! This job market is a nightmare....
    • Yes, and it is even worse in Michigan. Our state currently has the nation's highest unemployment rate. Lucky me, I am part of that number! :P
      • Yeah... it varies so much on location. Our area isn't bad for his kind of work (though it's pretty much a 140 mile round trip daily, regardless of which option we choose.) Kind of glad we opted not to try to live in WVA, given the current job market-- though we really love those mountains. It's hard enough in PA!
    • Found the phoenix mug! Still want this one when I get cash ... I love coffee mugs!
      • Glad you like! I know what you mean-- ours have a short lifespan. Kids and animals take a heavy toll...
        • I imagine that after the kids get out of diapers, it might be easier on the pocket. :)
          • for awhile. Then the school activities take their toll :P
            Un-freakin' believable. And we don't do all that much.

            All those good old childhood activities have been seized on as money sieves for the organizers...Little League, scouts. We want the experiences for our kids, but you can't do it now without paying and paying and paying.
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