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Yet another delightful entry on Colour Lovers art blog.

Read the rest and find more gorgeous fractals here.

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  • Stunning. I love the colours.
  • Very neat! I've downloaded the brushes and I'm looking at one of the tutorials to see if I can do some of this in PSE5. Fun stuff.
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    • Oh, mee too.
      Did you check out the others on the site?
      I would love to be able to generate those...
  • Very cool :)

    Btw, I'm official with WriteAtHome now -- 18 students, even :) Thanks again!!!

    Oh, and I'm taking Cheese with me to my MIL's -- something to look forward to in an otherwise meh weekend ;)
    • Hooray!!!
      So glad you're on board-- I knew they'd be delighted to have you!
      Hope you enjoy the story!
  • That's one bad ass f***in' fractal.

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  • Fractals! Fractals! (jumping up and down excitedly! me love fractals!)
    • Me too! Dan used to have this fractal screensaver that was so beautiful. The problem was that I would just sit and watch it change... it was really hard to tear myself away, because I wanted to see what it would come up with next!
  • Ooh, shades of the psychedelic 60's! I clicked on the link and like the pink and maroon one the best, but the clear grayish one is great too!

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