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Illustration Friday--Clutter

Illustration Friday--Clutter

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I wanted to incorporate some of the fractal generation software and fractal brushes I discovered yesterday in today's Illustration Friday image-- and what a great word this was, for chaotic additions!
The clutter here is autumn-formed-- leaves falling, birds leaving their summer grounds.
It's probably my favorite kind of clutter.

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  • Ahhh I love that sort of thing. I've got a graphic novel about crows on the back burner.
    Glad you liked this!
    • I really do! And I hope you'll have fun bringing the crows (and ravens) to the front burner some day. :)
      • I am really looking forward to working on that one. I do an image every so often, but the story arc is too shadowy to make it workable at this point(and I have a number of other projects to focus on anyhow).
        Still... someday.
        • Good to have images and ideas lurking just out of the corner on the eye. ;)
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