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Illustration Friday-- Wheel


When I started doing Illustration Friday, back in 2005, it was a playful exercise rather than finished work. Over the years, I've gotten more finicky about what I put up here, but today I decided to go back to my roots, and just have fun with it. So the picture above started out looking like this:


...which made me happy at the time because I was using the mouse to do shading, which is kind of hard.
But as a whole, the composition was a bit boring, right? So definitely something I could have a bit of fun with.

Tonight I'm back to using the mouse to color, because my wacom pen is awol. I may print this out and go back with actual paint to do some detail work later... but my printer is out of at least four types of ink. (and it won't shut up about it, either-- aargh!)

Tomato to wheel. Hmmm...

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