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Illustration Friday-- reflect

There's a lot to reflect on this New Year's Day-- I guess there always is, huh? It's been a pretty amazing year, culminating in my opening an art studio in Connellsville, PA this fall and winter. I'm still trying to catch my breath... but very happy. Hope you're having a wonderful start to 2014, wherever you are!

ETA by way of explanation: image was prompted by a group doing a mandala a day for the first 12 days of the year. Not sure I'm going to have time for that, realistically, but I figured I could do one. In creating this, I was thinking about how hazy past and future seem, how hard it can be to connect where we are now into the grand trajectory of our lives. Trends and epiphanies bubble to the surface-- some you can make out, some you can't. How different moods color our days as we reflect, through a dark glass, always. Maybe this is my version of newport2newport's Magic 8 ball.

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