January 26th, 2008


Illustration Friday Tales and Legends (take 2)

This one's for you, jamarattigan!

So, the Grimm Brothers didn't really write this one down, but I swear it's true.

When he was young, Tom Thumb harbored dreams of being the Indiana Jones of evolutionary biology. When he read about primordial soup, he figured he knew just the spot to begin his research-- so he got on his scuba gear and prepared to get a first hand look at some  soupy flora and fauna.

He didn't realize his mistake until the nearsighted giant (a recently minted vegan) mistook him for a lump of eggplant, and slurped him down.

The scuba gear got him through the worst of it, and he went on to have other, largely non-scientific adventures.

The giant(who had bad indigestion) decided to leave off the eggplant when he made soup in the future.

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