March 6th, 2008


Illustration friday--Multiples/leap

Once again I find myself short on time for Illustration Friday, so I've combined two topics. I'd originally thought to do a version of the 12 dancing princesses for "Multiples" but as I was reading variants of that one, I came across the story of Kate Crackernuts, and was intrigued. Originally, both the girls were named Kate, though Joseph Jacobs renamed the queen's daughter Anne for his version to avoid confusion.

So-- multiple Kates, and multiple princes-- one sick, one well. I kind of liked the parallels, and I liked Kate Crackernuts herself. Here I have her bring her sister along when she follows the prince to the fairy dancing ground, rather than sitting under the trees cracking nuts. I figured they'd have more nuts if they both gathered...

"Leap" is the fairies dancing the poor prince's feet off, of course.
peta_andersen has a very interesting commentary on this story over at her blog, if you'd like to read more.

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