April 8th, 2008


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During all the misery of the past week on the farm, there was one bright spot-- I won copies of all the books (so far) in Tiffany Trent(tltrent)'s Hallowmere series. I was delighted to have something good to look forward to. I was still in bed with flu the day they arrived and too dizzy to move around, so I sat there and devoured them all in an afternoon.

All I can say is--- WOW.

Tiffany seamlessly combines steampunk, gothic horror, Celtic mythology and vampire stories to create a unique and convincing world. I was impressed by the way she was able to keep alliances between the characters ambivalent throughout the story, which is no easy feat. She also skillfully navigated the different social strictures of Victorian society, and showed how it played out in the relationship between the characters. There were many times when I had to step back and say-- Corrine is doing these things because of the social environment of her times. It's *not* what I would do, or what anyone I know would do now. I'm not sure I could manage to write a story in which characters had such different (behavioral) reactions to things than I would-- and if I tried, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get it right.
This gets it right.

The language was lovely. The descriptions of the worlds of the fey and the human world were so real I felt I could step through the pages and be there with the characters. I also kept running across words here and there and thinking, I haven't heard that one in awhile and it's exactly right for that spot!

All in all, these books are superb! Not for the faint of stomach, perhaps-- but if you love a good scary story, you won't want to miss out on these! I can't wait to read the next in the series...

Thanks so much, Tiffany!

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