August 21st, 2008


Illustration Friday-- Sail/Detach

I thought I was going to be more regular about Illustration friday, and here I am again, three weeks out without an image! Partly that's because the image I have for "Poof" is very specific and detailed and time consuming, and I really wanted to do *that* image. Had my heart set on it. It will appear here at some point, I promise.

Meanwhile-- Dan likes my black and white art and got me a new sketchbook, which I've slowly been filling with what I call bug pictures. They aren't *real* bugs-- but I sort of focus on that idea and see what pops up.

Here's a spider I did this afternoon while we were soaking our feet in Indian Creek (everyone else was swimming and fishing-- Dan got Z a good rod for his birthday.) We had a great day, which I would write more about except that it's very late already!

Here's my spider, as drawn:

And then as scanned and colored in Photoshop:

I think she's sailing around catching stars in her web, and when she gets home, she'll detach the strings and...
I wonder what she'll do with them?

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