September 29th, 2008


Illustration Friday-- Packed, AKA Watch This Space.

So I'm all backed up on my illo friday images again. My schedule is packed-- There's fall canning to be done, 1/4 of a living room floor to be sanded (still), homework to be checked-- and of course, fall students are sending papers.
Usually, all of this would be fine-- I would just squeeze in an image before bed. But right now, my writing is getting all the creative juice.I'm participating in jonowrimo, in which writers support each other in their writing goals. It began on Sept 15, and will end November 30th.
My goals were to complete revisions on my midgrade novel, "My Essay on Government Cheese", and to do all the research and outlining for another novel (YA with an emphasis on the A) that I've dubbed the Blackbird project.
I'm planning to have both of these goals accomplished by November first, at which point, I will switch on over to Nanowrimo and write the text for the Blackbird project.
I haven't been updating much here, though I've posted updates over on the jonowrimo community.

But I do miss my illustrating time, and once the pears are sauced and the grapes all juiced, I'll be back. Here's a little quiet space for resting your eyes, in the meanwhile.

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