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Illustration Friday-- quiet, take 2

Illustration Friday-- quiet, take 2

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I'm crossposting this image to Verla's under writing exercises.

Who do you think this guy is?
I know... but I'm not telling.
At least not yet.

So if you feel inclined, I have a few questions--
Who or what is this?
Is he good or evil?
Where is he?
What is he smiling about?

I'd love to hear your answer!

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  • To me, he looks good because of his eyes, but the wider swath of red near the right side of his mouth makes me think he might be, well, malevolent. I like him, either way.
  • Okay, well my (almost) 6-year-old claims he is an evil elf (shiny blue eyes freak him out). I, on the other hand am going to go out on a real tangent. I'd say he's a misunderstood being from a distant planet. I think he came down to earth, possibly got "beat up" (based soley on the comment by someone else noticing the red part of his mouth) then suddenly turned, saw a playground full of children, or witnessed someone doing something nice for someone else, and remembered the pureness of the human soul, flawed as it may be. Okay okay, I know--I likely stretched it a lot, but hey, hope you enjoy it anyway. :-)
  • Apollo?


    Some sort of nature fairy that brings about seasons?

    He seems mischevious, but good.
  • (Anonymous)
    he is Puck! :-)
    love the mystery and the light on his face!

  • Ooh... interesting. His face seems pleasant, but his eyes are shining in a way that makes me think he's bad. :)
  • brilliant eyes!!

    His eyes totally capture my attention!! :) Lovely work!

  • He belongs to the clan of elves (see pointy ears). Just scrolling by gave me the heebie-jeebies, but when I took a closer look I found he didn't look evil. His face is kind, and his smile looks sad to me. He's saying good-bye to his friend, whom he won't see for a long, long time.
  • ur rabies comment TY

    liz thanks for the info. i never knew that bout rabies victims. i just knew ppl were afraid of water.
    now i know a lil more bout rabies and glad i never have had it, cause 1st im not to big about getting huge needles stuck in my gut, then having my throat constrict, nope not for me. nice portrait here, but clueless as to who it is. michael dailey
  • My first instinct is he's the devil as a boy. Not yet evil, but the spark in his eye shows the man he'll become. The fire red hair & pointed ears have begun to shape him physically, but intellectually, he has some cathing up to do as the devil.
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