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Illustration Friday-- Trouble

Illustration Friday-- Trouble

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This is Sammy.

Sammy read a story about Baba Yaga to his little sister before he went to bed.
Sammy told his little sister that Baba Yaga wasn't the half of it.

"PAPA Yaga is the one you really have to watch," he said. "He doesn't need any chicken footed hut to find his dinner for him. He doesn't need any of those geese to guard it once he finds it, either."

Sammy got sent to bed early for scaring his sister.

Then sometime after everyone in the house fell asleep, he had a very special visitor...

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  • Almost unralated, but have you ever read Mike Mignola's Hellboy?
    • I'm pretty sure my husband has that on video-- we don't have the book. I've heard good things about it, though.
      • The movie was okay, but in a different spirit than the book. Anybody that is into myth and old folkore should check it out. It is kind of noir mystery/supernatural not quite horror stories.
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