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This week's illustration friday topic is small. Since I was just reading a book review on "Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions" by Lisa Randall, my first thought was of string theory, the physics theory that attempts to unify quantum mechanics and relativity in a ten dimensional universe where infinitesimally small vibrating strings are the foundation of our reality. One of the biggest problems with this theory is that these theoretical strings are so tiny that it is not possible to build a particle accelerator strong enough to detect their presence.

Now if that isn't small, I don't know what is...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did-- and are feeling very thankful that we'll all be home this weekend to rest and play together. We're going to decorate for Christmas, play some board games, read a lot of books, and build a gingerbread house. Hope you all have a great weekend too!
  • Cool painting!

    Now what is this "friday-thing"? You come up with a word and illustrate it? That sounds like fun! Myabe I'd like to "play" too!

    And maybe other artists will play!

    Friday can be an art-day project like monday is a writing project on Jo's (jbknowles) site...
    • That's exactly what it is!! I hear that there are art classes out there where illustration friday is part of the term assignments...
      try this:

      It keeps you drawing if you're feeling bereft of ideas, and it keeps you from getting overfocused on one thing if you're in the midst of an intense project. I try to keep them quick and uncomplicated-- otherwise I think it could become a real time sink!
      Have fun!

  • Nice Music!

    Fun painting Liz!

    Here is the link, Kevin, I keep thinking I will participate, but the weeks just sneak right by!

    • Re: Nice Music!

      Oh-- do it! It's fun.
      I love to see what people come up with. Some of them are really good, and others, not so much. It's a really international crowd-- a lot from Europe, Australia, China, and South America. I just make myself a rule that the painting can't take longer that about 1/2 hour to do,so it doesn't bog me down-- I've got loads of other things I need to be doing!
  • Oh, too fun Liz! I just signed up. Not that I don't have enough on my plate with various writery things, but I really feel like taking a little time off while keeping the mind creative only helps. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • So, didja post one? huh? huh? I'm looking...
      Glad you decided to do it!
      • Well. I joined, but I didn't say i would actually post them ;). Actually, I did this awesome one for that last SCBWI contest and was going to send it in before midnight at about ten in the evening on the 15th and noticed that it had to be in by 4:00!!!! :(

        But I sorta like the idea so much I considered writing a PB around it. It was just two chubby little kid hands (you know, with the dimples still in the spots above the fingers) drawing a holiday painting with a "Merry Kwanzikah!" banner held by two angels at the top. The drawing was Rudolph, only with a black, red, and green colored glowing nose and eight candles balanced on his antlers. Oh well, it was cuter than it sounds. At least to me...probably good I didn't send it now that I read this description...
        • Wow!! Sounds like the holiday onfusion theme?You've got to post that somewhere! (blog, if nowhere else?!) I still need to go see how that contest came out. I remember doing the same thing for one of the summer contests on kid businesses-- I wound up writing a pb about a bunch of kids starting their own zoo, but submitting nothing fo the contest. I think that sort of thing can be very valuable when you least expect it-- which is another reason to do illo friday! Hope you post!!!
  • ciao

    Ciao :D

    Bright COlors :D

  • I like the painting, too...it only took you a half an hour? I'm so not artistic that way...I should tell my mom about it, though. She's a professional watercolorist -- it might be fun for her:) Glad your Thanksgiving was nice. Ours was, too; but yesterday (after shopping for a few hours), I began my newest novel and ended up with a horrible headache, which still lingers this morning...sigh. We did manage to get the tree up and decorated, though -- and now my son is asking, "where are we going today?" Does that mean I keep him too busy during the week? :)

    • Ahhhh lucky mom! I have serious watercolor envy. I've never been able to get satisfactory results with watercolor-- it'samedium where you completely lack a fudge factor, and I need a big one. Even if you think you can't draw, you ought to try the computer art programs (photoshop/artrage are really good-- illustrator is probably wonderful if you have a genius IQ and a few years to learn it). What they do is make art editable without forcing you to start from scratch each time. You'd love it!

      You're ahead of me on the Christmas stuff-- I did a little shopping today with my daughter, but we don't have the tree up yet. We always get a real tree, so we usually wait... I can't wait for that good pine smell, though! My youngest also asks every morning where we're going. He gets disappointed if we aren't!
      • Interesting ideas on the artshops...right now I'm so busy with writing that Ican't imagine having time for anything else...plus I have two big embroidery projects I have to complete before Christmas...I envy you the pine smell:) My son came to me after we got the tree up and asked when Santa was coming. I told him it would be a few weeks and he burst into tears...ah, the trials of a three-year old!
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