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Illustration Friday - Might

Illustration Friday - Might

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It might work, and then again it might not.
What might the consequences be?
You've got a mighty powerful set of wings there.
Don't waste them on worrying.

Updated to say:

I did add this to my cafepress shop(just the image)-- one option is white t-shirt, and the other is a 16x16 poster.

If anyone is interested but would like this on a different product, or with some of the text included, or a different image size, or whatever-- let me know, and I'll change it!

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  • Lovely!!

    This is very magical!!
  • Oh, this is great! It's one of my top five favs of yours ;)
  • How true!

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! Lovely thought and lovely illo!
  • LOVE IT!

    (can I get this on a t-shirt??)
    • Yes ma'am!!!
      Pick a tee, and let me know if you want the words written on the back, or underneath, or just the image!
      Glad you like it!
  • (no subject) - newport2newport
    XO Candie
  • Oh! It's beautiful! :-)
  • Wow. That's so inspiring! Like she's on the dangerous edge, but she's got all that hidden power. If she only knew, she could fly. Thanks for sharing it.
    • Glad you liked it!!
      I suspect that this is a pretty common scenario, figuratively speaking. I was thinking of all the nano and jonowritemo folks when I did this-- because they took the leap, and discovered their wings!!!
      And I think that's a very, very good thing-- whether or not they ever sell the novels.
  • Beautiful!
  • That is so pretty. I love it!
  • Very pretty!! I love the color of the wings.
  • It's incredibly beautiful and feels just like me! I want it too (but not just yet.) What hapens with international orders? I'd want a poster.
    • Ah-- easily done! I think cafepress deals with international orders all the time-- I'm not sure where they're actually located. You could see if they have a faq...
      I just brought a cute little tile from a friend's shop,and they delivered it in,like, 2 days. and the quality was wonderful!

      So, I suspect they have multiple producion sites....
      Glad you liked the image enough to want a copy!
  • Might

    Lovely colours and I really like the pattern behind her wings.

    Tiger Mouse
  • Michelle Lana

    beautiful colors!
  • I must have this! The writing, the painting, its all a perfect fit for me right now. It's like you did this just for me only you didn't know it. ;)

    Can you share with us some of your techniques for the painting? It reminds me of batik, which is my current favorite art form.

    Also, would you mind pointing me in the direction of how I can order this as a poster? I don't need it framed and matted, I can do that myself.

    I love being on your friends' list. It's like getting a card in the mail every day.

    • Awww! Thanks!!

      If you like, I can put the words at the bottom-- I just wasn't sure whether anybody wanted it like that!
      here's the link to my shop:

      I think the posters are all the way at the bottom-- this one's titled, "Yes you can."

      technique-- I do all of these on a convertible tablet pc-- the laptop screen swings around and folds flat on top, facing up, and you use a radio tipped pen to draw directly on the screen-- only, you're drawing with light instead of ink!
      I start in a program called Art Rage, which mimics traditional materials in that you can't crop, or resize, or whatever(though you can erase). I started with a "pencil" sketch, then added some "chalk" texture, then blocked in color with "markers".
      Then I moved it into photoshop, where I was able to use the smudge tool, which is a lot like fingerpainting, and more brushes to even out and brighten the colors. I used an eraser tool to remove color in the butterfly wings, and then painted over it with soft translucent color.

      I do love my digital tools!!
      I'm glad you enjoy the results!!
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