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Illustration Friday-- Communication

Illustration Friday-- Communication

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Here's my owl for the Keene College Parliament of Owls-- I thought it was quite appropriate for today's Illustration Friday topic.
My kids kept peeking over my shoulder and asking me about the story here as I was painting.

"Go write the story," I tell them.

What do you think is going on here?

I've posted a low-quality version of this image, since I made it for the festival. I'll be sending them the high quality giclee version... as soon as I find a local printer that does giclee prints!

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  • Re: Hoot!

    Glad to hear it! This image popped out story-less. At first I wasn't sure if the owl was there for supper, but as I drew, it became apparent that he was on friendly terms with the mice... more than that, I couldn't tell you!
    • Re: Hoot!

      Liz, probably you're aware of this, but I just want to point out that an owl's eyes would be perfectly round, not almond-shaped. :-)
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