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Illustration Friday - Hide

Illustration Friday - Hide

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This is a fragment of an enormous doodle that I did over a couple of years in college. I think you could say that the whole image was where I got the bulk of my drawing experience fixing lines gone wrong, crosshatching, stippling. It was great practice.

I also had a good time with injecting tiny vignettes and images into the corners, here and there. If you look at the whole picture, it doesn't make any sense. If you look at a fragment of it in black and white(and you weren't me-- I know where everything is hidden), it still probably wouldn't make much sense.

I thought that the megadoodle(as I call it) would make a really fun coloring page, and am planning to add it to my site when it goes live (soon!!!:D).

So I scanned it and cleaned it up, and I tried coloring this small segment of it. I was surprised how easily the images popped into view once I added colors. I think I may need to get back to linework at some point here! For me, pen and ink is where I get the most enjoyment with traditional materials.

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