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Here's Sharon!

Here's Sharon!

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This is the portrait I did for Sharon Putnam (saputnam). She asked me to post here (I'm used to posting pics so it's easy!) Here's what she says about the stories you see here:
Around the edges you see vignettes from
"Anya and the Twelve Months" which "is based on a Russian tale, although in my tale the Twelve Months are men, women and children, and have quite a few cultural ties with the Mongolians through the instruments they play." You'll also see a cat in each frame-- Sharon has had many well-loved cats over the years, and these are a few of them!

On the roof of the house behind her head, you see a scene from "Footprints in the Snow," which "is about two children who go out onto the roof of an old Victorian house during a snowstorm to rescue their cat."
Sharon herself is the young girl on the horse across the field, and scenes from her rural Vermont surround her-- Mount Ascutney is in the background.

The man in the sky to the right is her great grandfather, "Frank Lyman Cone: From Farm Boy to Iron Man - is the biography of Frank L Cone, the founder of Cone Automatic Machine Company, and tells how he revolutionized the machine tool industry." One of his machines is to the left, and forther left beside that are some bits and pieces that represent her story,"Aboard the Bowditch: A Journey of Fog, Death and Loneliness," which "is a work in process and is currently being researched. It tells the story of being a woman aboard a whaling ship in 1852, through journal entries."

This was a fun piece to work on, and I was delighted with my own (visual) research for the Mongolian images... I may need to research that culture a little further for my own curiousity!

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  • This one is my favorite!!!
    • Thanks!!! I had so much fun doing it-- especially the Mongolian imagery. What a lovely, lovely part of the world, and such an interesting and rich culture!
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