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I'm baaack!!

I'm baaack!!

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Gwen took off school Friday and we went to Ohio for the Equine Affaire all weekend-- huuuge horse conference. We had so much fun! I feel creatively re-energized to the degree that I almost feel like writing off the conference on my taxes. Wow. We saw so many beautiful horses, I got some really great ideas for marketing my silks(and a few other things!), and best of all, I was introduced to the Gypsy Vanner/Irish Cob breed of horses. I had no idea that gypsies used a particular breed to pull their caravans!

They had a caravan to peek inside as well. And my brain was spinning on the similarities of the design to some of the lovely Kazakh designs I'd seen inside yurts while researching Sharon's portrait. This was of particular interest to me, because in my chapter book, Eunice the Bald, Eunice spends some quality time with a group of gypsies. I've been looking for ways to expand this story a bit, and I think I may have found it. And I think I'm going to send it out as a dummy,rather than a MS when it gets to that point, which I hadn't considered before.

So I won't be around much today, because I'm digging in-- starting with all the crits I owe people, moving along to Eunice, and then Cheese(which I also had a eureka moment on), and then probably switching over to portraits or silks or possibly a dummy to satisfy the picture craving part of my skull. It's snowing, so no ball practice *YAY!!*. So a peaceful day, and a good one to work.

Oh, and I saw someone with an "I make stuff up" t-shirt. I almost stopped him to ask where he got it, but I wasn't quite nosy enough...

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  • I really did have a good day! Got all my crits done, got a dummy storyboarded... and then I heard bout VATech and kinda lost focus. *sigh*
    But it was a very good day until that.
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